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Who We Are

Laketown Campus entrance

What Are You Looking For?

Are you looking for a school that seeks academic excellence and focuses on the spiritual formation of your child?  Calvary Schools of Holland blends both of these qualities.  The Bible is primary and Jesus Christ is at the center of our philosophy, purpose, and programs. Every subject is taught from a Biblical viewpoint to empower each student with God's knowledge from the Scriptures.  The knowledge of God's Word gives students at Calvary the unique ability to understand and interpret the many questions and issues that they will face in life. This knowledge also leads to a desire to excel academically. Our students have consistently performed well on their Stanford Achievement Tests.

Calvary Schools Provides Academic Excellence

  • All full-time faculty teaching core curriculum subjects hold Bachelors degrees, average seven years of teaching experience and regularly pursue opportunities for continuing education.
  • One-quarter of our faculty and staff hold Masters degrees.
  • Calvary Schools of Holland is fully accredited under the Association of Christian Schools International.
  • Calvary Schools is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International and the faculty, staff, and board members regularly attend ACSI training and development programs.
  • Calvary Schools of Holland is fully accredited under the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.  

Calvary Schools Focuses On Spiritual Formation

  • The role of the Christian school is to augment and continue the training begun in the home. Teachers and parents work together to guide each child toward a personal commitment to Christ and to nurture and develop each child's academic potential to lead productive, Christ-honoring lives.
  • Our athletic teams have consistently been chosen for special recognition for displaying exemplary Christian conduct.
  • PowerPlus, a program unique to Calvary, is an interactive service learning program specifically designed to train students in the skills of ministry.