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Online Student Resources

Calvary Schools of Holland provides access to several online resources for students.

Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition K-12

This is an online version of the entire Encyclopædia Britannica, organized by age groups: Access is provided for free to all enrolled students and their families. Contact the school office if you need a password.

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps is a set of Google's online applications managed by the school. All secondary and some upper elementary students have school-provided email addresses to use to sign in to these services. Students can log in from any computer or device having Internet access.

Services include:
  • Gmail - web-based email service
  • Google Calendar - calendaring & time-management service
  • Google Docs - online office suite, collaboration and file storage service, featuring web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation/slideshow, and drawing applications
  • iGoogle - customizable start page or web portal
  • and many more.
Learn more about Google Apps for Education here.

TypingMaster Online

TypingMaster Online is a web-based typing tutor, to help students learn and improve on touch typing skills. Typing lessons can be worked on from school or home... with teachers able to monitor progress wherever lessons are worked on.