Calvary Schools offers a robust music curriculum with many opportunities for performance. Elementary children grow in musicianship through an Orff Schulwerk approach which is rich in singing, instruments, movement and speech. They are presented with ongoing opportunities to explore, imitate and create on instruments such as xylophones, hand drums, hand chimes, recorders, rhythm sticks and boomwhackers. Our young students regularly engage with folksongs through singing, games and dancing. Hymns and national songs are also integrated into their daily repertoire. Beginning in the earliest grades, it is through this interactive and lively approach that Calvary students learn rhythm, counting skills, vocal tone quality and expression.
Calvary’s middle school builds upon these offerings with a choir and beginning or intermediate band. At the high school level, opportunities for musical development are further expanded through two choir offerings, concert band and pep band. Additional instrumentation lessons are offered during high school winterim electives.