K4 & K5 Programs

Calvary Schools of Holland provides a unique opportunity for parents to choose a half-day or full-day schedule for their four-and five-year-olds. In our four-year-old kindergarten program, children may attend school two, three or five mornings a week, with an optional afternoon extension program. Five-year-olds may attend five half days or five full days of school in our K5 program, allowing parents to determine the most developmentally appropriate option for their child.


Programs Plans Days Times Total Costs/Year
2-Day A.M. Tuesday, Thursday 8:05am-12:15pm $1,500
3-Day A. M. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:05am-12:15pm $1,600
5-Day: A.M. Monday-Friday 8:05am-12:15pm $1,900

Full afternoon programming is also available. Contact us at 616-396-4494 for more information.


Programs Plans Days Times Total Costs/Year
5-Day A.M. Monday-Friday 8:05am-12:15pm $1,900
5-Day P.M. Monday-Friday 12:15pm-3:05pm $1,300
All Day Monday-Friday 8:05am – 3:05pm $2,900


If you are interested in finding out more about K4 & K5 education at Calvary Schools of Holland, contact principal Cheryl Ward at info@cshk12.org, or call the Plasman campus at (616) 396-4494 and schedule a visit. Additional information on Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy and the curriculum we use can be found at Ambleside Schools International. Click here for a printable K4-K5 flyer.